This Might Be The Real Next Music Revolution: WhoJam Launches After A Gigantic Jam Session In Paris

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This Might Be The Real Next Music Revolution: WhoJam Launches After A Gigantic Jam Session In Paris

For World Music Day, WhoJam presented to the public a new way to jam over the internet, through music video collaboration. Every of the 500M musicians across the globe are now one click away to make music together through video.

WhoJam is the easiest way to make video mashups (called jams) for musicians: let’s say a guitarist from New York starts recording a cover song on WhoJam. Now, you can have a bass player from Stockholm, a pianist from Tokyo and a singer from South Africa completing the video by recording their part on top of each other. The experience is seamless and the result is pretty awesome: a perfectly sync mosaic of musicians playing together from all over the world.

Video has been the #1 medium to broadcast music. There are millions of people who record themselves playing music on Youtube. Each 24 hours, 12,000 people upload a video online performing music at home - mostly cover songs. 

Those people either are wannabe stars or just want to pay tribute to their idols and share it with their friends . On WhoJam, they can now do it together with musicians they would have not met otherwise.


Online music collaboration has been a fascinating field these last few years on the web. Initiatives like Playing For Change - hundreds of musicians playing Stand By Me together together - or famous musicians playing music on Chatroulette have gained a huge momentum. WhoJam wants to take that to the next level by democratizing and simplifying the process of video collaboration.

The launch just happened on June the 21st with a gigantic jam session for the World Music Day that gathered 6000 musicians playing and singing together, led by international trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf and supported by the French Ministry of Culture. Maaloufalso recorded 3 jams on WhoJam and hundreds of people recorded on top of him. More artists will publish jams on WhoJam soon. They will offer to their fans unique collaborative experiences where they make music video together on WhoJam.

Few days after launch, WhoJam has started to get significant traction with more than 5000 people signing up the first week and 40% coming everyday on the website to watch and create new jams.

The startup is preparing a seed round and have some plans for monetizing the jams through a revenue share distribution as well as hosting 3rd party apps that are relevant to integrate on the WhoJamplatform (lyrics, music sheet, loops, effects…).
Music startups and tech companies used to focus on distribution, broadcasting, curation and music promotion. WhoJam opens the door to collaborative video creation by literally breaking borders between musicians from all over the world.