The new released Airwheel intelligent M3 electric air boards jumped into popularity

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The new released Airwheel intelligent M3 electric air boards jumped into popularity

Recently, balancing electric scooters deserve a seat in this market. Nowadays it becomes the competition among those balancing electric scooter companies.

Anyone cannot doubt that the current traffic condition is not so good. This leads to a new industry-balancing electric scooter-raising into a hot. In recent years, this industry has a place in the market. Companies who design and manufacture balancing scooters compete vigorously. Among all the companies, Airwheel Technology develops different series of electric scooters and new products in succession which attracts more attention. Last year, Airwheel launched three new products totally. All of them are from the humanized design of Airwheel engineers. Among the three new products, M3 electric air boards become the beloved ones due to its fantastic function and performance.


There are some users who cannot control the traditional skateboards since for them the learning is different and they need skills and practices. While all the users of Airwheel M3 electric skateboard feeds back that M3 shows an unique performance. It holds a 2.4G wireless remote control which is in charge of altering the speed and the steering directions. Having this high-tech design, people can control it comparatively easier. Only if you are willing to control, you can do it.


The control chip, installed in the internal part of M3 electric air board, can collect data via the vehicle, and transmit them to the phone wirelessly. Through instant analysis and arithmetic, it can get visual data which can feedback to the users by App in real-time. Data like the speed, miles and batteries usage etc can be shown on the APP.


The optional and customized DIY pattern gives riders creation and imagination. The decals attached on the deck can be DIY, or choose from the customization or the ready-made. Different riders have different favors on M3 complete skateboard’s decoration. One of the riders designs its M3 deck very personally. The pattern of deck matches to the riders’ clothes. It looks very gorgeous.

All the merits fed back from Airwheel M3’s users prove that it jumped into popularity.

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