Social Networking App "Amino" Launches in United States: 1 Login, Three Profiles

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Social Networking App "Amino" Launches in United States: 1 Login, Three Profiles

Amino allows people to share their excitement, passion, hobbies and interests at their fingertips with a swipe of their thumb without the 140 character limitation. Plus, with one login, you get three profiles from which to post.

United States -- Facebook knocked out MySpace. Twitter carved its niche with 140 characters. For Pinterest, it was photos.

Now, Fields Amino Link Inc., a Japanese company, is launching its social networking app -- Amino -- which allows users to create different profiles with a single log-in -- in United States.

Today, the younger generation has lost their privacy online. Colleges and companies scour the internet for what they consider to be "inappropriate" comments. These posts can follow you online for years.

Amino allows you to post using either public or private profiles.

With Amino, you can have three different profiles, or as we call them palettes, with one account. You can have public and private faces as well as one more for good measure. Create different profiles for your family, friends and job/school. You get to decide how people see you online.

Here is what makes Amino different from other social networking apps:

  • Multiple accounts with a single log-in
  • Private and public communities
  • No annoying notifications
  • Private 1-to-1 conversations
  • Ability to post using more than 140 characters
  • Privacy

Masao Tominaga, Fields Amino Link’s representative, said Amino “allows users to create three profiles, or palettes, with one log-in. You can use one to share your interests with friends and family. Another for your professional career. Or, go public and let everyone know.”

“You don’t have to worry about the opinions of others,” he added.

“Amino unleashes your inner social networking soul by blasting through the 140 character limitation of Twitter,” Tominaga said. “You write a post, link to a video or use images worth a thousand words to share your opinions. Amino lets you do this.”

Amino is offered on both the IOS and Android platforms.

You can download Amino at

For more information, call Andrew Polin at 541-501-2090.