Singapore Launches Smart National Fellowship Program

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Singapore Launches Smart National Fellowship Program

In a move that pivots governmental focus towards tech, Singapore launches the Smart National Fellowship Program.

Calling for top data scientists, engineers, and those with strong tech backgrounds, Singapore has launched their Smart National Fellowship Program. Another in a series of pro-tech moves made by the government to bring talent into the various branches of government, Singapore has been pushing those who are interested in the public good and technology towards government service. Bringing a wider group of engineers and experienced tech professionals towards a fellowship program, Singapore hopes to both contribute to and take something from the skillsets in the field.

The Smart National Fellowship Program works as followed. Individuals who qualify and are accepted become Fellowship applicants and then Fellows. They are appointed for between six months and three months alongside individuals working in the government who are software engineers, data scientists, and product developers. Becoming members of specialized government teams, they will assist in creating a variety of programs and measures to better address the needs of citizens and the government in everyday life. Prior to a Fellow beginning, the nature of the project will be made aware of the Fellow so that they can be fully aware of what they are working on before they sign on to the project.

The Singapore government is starting small, with a group between 4 to 8 selected for the first year. Oriented towards challenges associated with citizens, the group will be tasked with finding solutions and creating the technology to provide tangible results. Along with targeting those who are still in Singapore, the government is hoping to use the Smart National Fellowship Program to target residents who are abroad to come back and lend their expertise to the government. As to whether or not such a system will bring back talent abroad is still to be determined.

Singapore has a strong history with its education system and strong engineering background. With countless businesses devoted towards technology, Singapore’s biggest issue with innovation is talent going elsewhere. As can be seen in other governments around the world, lacking an understanding in technology can often hold a country back. By being more proactive, Singapore hopes to continue being a source for innovation in regards to business practices, better creating the tools to aid its citizens and create more effective policies for the companies that call Singapore home.

At the core of Singapore’s approach is the idea of civil service. As many in the tech industry have no problem playing around with and enjoying the latest and coolest advancements in tech, the government is providing a means for which people can use their skills for a great good. Providing a focus and direction, the government is promising nothing more than the ability for people to use their skills for good, helping to make their lives, and the lives of those around them better.

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