SimpliField tackles a $52 Billion Retail loophole issue.

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SimpliField tackles a $52 Billion Retail loophole issue.

SimpliField launches today its solution helping consumer brands & retailers to master their retail execution performance in real time, for a direct impact on sales recovery.

Paris, France - October 15th 2015

$52 Billion

Each year, retailers lose 4.9% of their sales due to in-store non-compliance just in Europe*.
In fact, they have no way to be sure that their commercial and marketing campaignsare correctly displayed in-store.

After a year of work collaborating with leading brands, including Courir and Aviva, SimpliField is launching its mobile and analytics solution to help retailers and brands streamline their field teams’ reports and get unprecedented insight into their retail execution performance.

SimpliField brings streamlined processes and automation from the online world to retail, to help brands master their in- store operations in real time. 

SimpliField bridges the gap between Stores & Headquarters

Store execution has always been a pain point. Field and stores teams spend a lot of time on tedious task such as doing reports through excel sheets or taking pictures, renaming them and sending them by email. On the other side, managers are overwhelmed with all this data received from merchandising audits to points of sale animation or store audits.Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies can now get started in minutes, building their report templates in SimpliField, sending them to whoever they want among their teams and getting real time dashboards (KPI, pictures…) and points of sale profiles (report history...) as soon as reports are synced.In the meantime, field teams use a productive app allowing them to do their reports quickly as well as to have complete access to the full history of their points of sale data and visits, directly from their mobile, everywhere, thanks to offline mode.

“Our ambition is to allow brands and retailers to offer a coherent in-store customer experience and boost their sales and marketing operations ROI" 

Benjamin Zenou, Directeur Général - SimpliField

Bring back Stores at the center of the multichannel strategy

SimpliField provides contextual information to in-house data to make every picture and report searchable and insightful. For the first time, brands & retailers get access to qualitative data as easily as to their quantitative information (prices, stocks …). They become more agile and understand why certain points of sale are working better than others, through a deep monitoring.With SimpliField, information is spread from stores to headquarters back and forth in a structured and simple way to facilitate quick, better, data oriented decisions and improve execution.

Like Marielle Gruau, Manager at Aviva says:“SimpliField’s application is a practical and ideal tool to monitor the business of the company. Easy to use & trusted by all, it analyses all the reports directly without the need for reprocessing. I recommend SimpliField to all who spend their time running after commercial figures.”

Pierre Chambaudrie, General Manager at Courir :"Simplifield has rapidly improved our sales. This is a tool which is simple to use, making it one of its strengths. The SimpliField team has always been attentive to our needs, specially during the project launch." 

*Source: Oxford Institute of Retail Management - Retail & Wholesale: Key sectors for the European Economy (2014) and Retail Info Systems - Optimizing In-Store Merchandising Research (2013)