Lullaby Luxe Announces The Launch Of It’s New Website

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Lullaby Luxe Announces The Launch Of It’s New Website

Lullaby Luxe Announces The Launch Of It’s New Look Website

Luxury lifestyle brand Lullaby Luxe has just launched its new eco silk eye masks, which are available to buy throughout Europe and North America on Amazon.

“We have just launched our new eye masks, as we have found there is such a huge demand for this type of product. As we are all so busy running around, working long hours, and generally rushing about our day to day lives, there is a huge need for products that physically make you wind down and relax”, says Marketing Manager Estelle Brown, who is overseeing the international launch.

To coincide with the launch of its new product, Lullaby Luxe has redesigned the already popular website

Estelle explains, “We have now focused our homepage on our new silk eye masks, because actually there are many reasons why people should wear eye masks, there is a lot more to an eye mask than meets the eye, excuse the pun”, she laughs.

“Firstly, there is the obvious, that a silk eye mask blocks out light, making it great for travel, meditation as well as sleeping and relaxing. However, what is also important is the fabric in which the mask is made. Our masks are handmade from eco silk, a very high quality, almost butter soft fabric. Lullaby Luxe masks are extremely comfortable to wear against the skin, in fact, you can hardly feel that you are even wearing one! Research has proven that silk is highly beneficial to the skin*, particularly the delicate eye area, so there are amazing beauty benefits, as well as relaxing benefits that one can get just from wearing a high quality silk eye mask”.**

The new look Lullaby Luxe website very much focuses on the beauty research as well as the high quality products, in order to raise awareness, and highlights just how beneficial wearing a silk eye mask can be for anyone.

For further information, and to visit the Lullaby Luxe homepage, please go to

* International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences – Sericin: Pharmaceutical Applications, Jul – Sep 2011 **The Telegraph – ‘Wearing silk helps ease an age-old problem’ 25 Jul 2011


The website was established in 2015, and the company manufacture high quality silk eye masks.

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