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MYXYTY, a leading player in the field of Smart Home and IoT, announces its presence at CES Las Vegas next January. An opportunity to unveil a new smart home concept...

Sophia Antipolis, 15 November 2015 - MYXYTY, a leading player in the field of Smart Home and IoT, announces its presence at CES Las Vegas next January. An opportunity to unveil a new smart home concept allowing a true convergence between the worlds of multimedia, lighting and the smart home.

Since 2008, MYXYTY has been working on rolling out new ways of connecting individuals to their houses. Inside this connected universe, people are now able to remotely control all their home equipment with a smartphone, and satisfy the essential safety and comfort needs of their loved ones.  

Today, MYXYTY is suggesting a new advance in the future of smart homes by offering an innovative concept combining sound performance with the control of a connected home. The French brand has recently been awarded the 'Pass French Tech' label, a national recognition, rewarding its strong innovative potential and its status as a ‘hyper-growth’ digital company.

With MYXYTY there are no limits on the convergence of all home uses. The technology used, based on an agnostic platform, allows the interoperability of a wide range of devices and connected objects on the market.

That is the spirit in which MYXYTY will officially unveil, in the context of CES Las Vegas 2016:

The first multi-room Smart Speaker which is able to provide scalability to the world of home automation.


Design: designed by the renowned designer Ora-ïto, this speaker's elegant silhouette and sleek curves produce omnidirectional 360° high quality, homogeneous sound.Used in solo or multi-room mode, the user can choose to customise music distribution depending on the room, or can opt to synchronise music wirelessly throughout the entire house.

Scalable: this modular speaker has different levels that can be stacked like Lego blocks, as well as giving the possibility of building your own station that can be enhanced with new features:  cameras, more RF connectivity, perfume diffuser, atmospheric lighting add-on, sound amplifier, pico-projector and many more…

User friendly: this Smart Speaker overrides the limits of current smart home solutions by offering complete control of all home services through one, single, user-friendly interface: music, atmospheric lighting, safety, e-health, energy efficiency, home automation … Everything is linked to the user from everywhere.

To find out more about our solution, come and see us at CES Las Vegas 2016, Sands Expo, Halls A-C, booth 70225.


MYXYTY is a distribution company linked to M2M Solution, a pioneer in smart home and IoT (Internet of Things). Thanks to co-branding partnerships, MYXYTY offers its services to the big players in the telecoms, insurance, and energy and safety sectors, to facilitate and support the progress of projects all around the world.


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