Insight Marketing launches solutions-packed online presence for Michigan’s SMBs

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Insight Marketing launches solutions-packed online presence for Michigan’s SMBs

Bangor, MI - 03/15/2016 - Michigan-based direct mail and internet marketing agency Insight Marketing has successfully expanded its online presence with a new partnership to help small to medium size business looking to reach more customers and grow their market share.

Established in Bangor, Michigan since 2014, Insight Marketing is focusing on cost-effective marketing channels and technologies from strategy to implementation, providing SMBs with high-return internet marketing solutions.

“From mastering direct mail secrets to building a first online campaign, boost SEO rankings or build leads through PPC advertising and remarketing, small business owners need guidance in marketing more than ever. Their focus is on the products and services they offer, not the tedious tasks of SEO and Optimizing PPC campaigns. This is where we can help with our expertise.” says Insight Marketing’s founder Levon Mock.

“We help our customers make the right choices amongst the plethora of technologies and digital channels available, with only one goal in mind: maximize predictable and verifiable results,” Mr. Mock added.

That is why, besides the new corporate website that officially launched this March 15, 2016, Insight Marketing also deployed a training platform where in-house marketing experts provide insight and support customers about the most efficient lead-generation services.

To solve the challenge of integrating both offline and online marketing, Insight Marketing blends direct mail, PPC, automated white-hat SEO, local marketing, social media marketing and more through a powerful cloud-based, centralized multi-channel marketing solution.

“By combining the most advanced marketing technologies with performance-based services, SMBs get more results and higher returns on investment,” explains Mr. Mock, “while our local expertise ensures them maximum visibility from both global and regional standpoints.”

Small and medium business in Michigan may just have found the answers to all their marketing needs close to home. Delivering predictable results for direct mail, mobile and local SEO, e-commerce, digital marketing, social marketing and PPC management, Insight Marketing blends technology and human expertise, a powerful recipe for success.

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Established since 2014 in Bangor, Michigan, Insight Marketing is helping small and medium businesses market their products and services with cross-channel marketing strategies supported by powerful and cost-effective technologies.

Specialized in developing and managing direct mail campaigns, Insight Marketing also integrates web design, search engine optimization, PPC campaigns, retargeting and remarketing, social media management, and email marketing.

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