Chefs to film new show and explore in Wilmington, NC

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Chefs to film new show and explore in Wilmington, NC

On Saturday, 8/8 at 8:08 am, Chefs Marti & Stormy Mongiello will visit and stream live for a new show, "Welcome Inne." The first-ever visit from the US Presidential Culinary Museum is to launch a travel series featuring lodging and tourism ideas.

Wilmington, NC (8/8)  The US Presidential Culinary Museum will feature Executive Chefs Marti and Stormy Mongiello at 8:08 am on Saturday on a new show, "Welcome Inne."  The first-ever visit to the coastal region includes their highly featured baby chef daughter, Rania Isabella to learn about tourist spots, their host of the C.W. Worth House B&B and dining recommendations.  The show is developed by Executive Producer, Michael C. Mongiello, Jr. and streams live to the Meerkat Network.

Chef Marti is the former White House Military Office Chef first interviewed for hire during President H. W. Bush's tenure.  He later conducted state dinners inside the White House and was a manager and executive chef at the Camp David resort to President and Secretary Clinton.  He is presently the Senior Curator at the US Presidential Culinary Museum which is housed inside of The Inn of the Patriots - a country inn outside of Charlotte, NC.

His wife, Stormy Mongiello, is also an Executive Chef and states, "We've never been to Wilmington and the surrounding towns or beach!  Filming our newest show live on Meerkat is going to be exciting to explore."

Chef Marti mentions, "we will be getting a chance to shoot in the kitchen of the C.W. Worth House B&B and receive terrific suggestions of where to go, what to see and the best places for a family to dine at for thousands of our viewers across the USA and world."

He also has a three-part series covering the visit in the Charlotte Examiner.

Interested media looking to partner or interview can contact the chefs at 704-490-3947.  Executive Producer, Michael C. Mongiello at 610-304-1323 and agents for Silver Tree Entertainment and Plin-Mar Productions, Mario Plinio, Esquire and Toni Ann Marcolini, Esquire at 732-353-6205.