Celebrating 20 Years, Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation Awards 150 Territories in Six Months

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Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation


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April 8, 2021

Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation announced today that it surpassed 200 territories, with 150 of those coming on board in the last six months.


Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation announced today that it surpassed 200 territories, with 150 of those coming on board in the last six months. This period of unprecedented growth has propelled Mosquito Shield to a position of prominence in the mosquito control category as it expands its footprint nationally.

This milestone has happened in part due to Mosquito Shield’s partnership with Franchise FastLane, a franchise sales organization that works with select franchisors to drive growth. Mosquito Shield has worked over the past six months to perfect its franchisee discovery process, attract, and onboard qualified leads for open territories across the United States.

“2021 marks Mosquito Shield’s 20th anniversary and we are thrilled to be achieving so many important milestones for our business and hitting the 200-territory mark is one of those.” says Mosquito Shield President and Founder, David Briggs. “Our business is reaching more people than ever before during a year when families have been spending so much time at home. We are blown away by the excitement we are seeing for our services.”

Earlier this year, Franchise Gator selected Mosquito Shield as a Fastest Growing Franchise in 2021. This is the 8th year that the franchise directory has published a Fastest Growing Franchises ranking. Mosquito Shield has been in the Top 100 four times and in the Top 50 three times. Mosquito Shield was also ranked in the Top 50 Franchises for franchisee satisfaction in the 2020 annual Franchise Business Review, coming in at number 47.

About Mosquito Shield

Mosquito Shield, America’s leading residential mosquito and tick control service, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Mosquito Shield addresses the need for an effective and affordable residential mosquito and tick control service. The company, listed in Franchise Gator’s Top 100 Franchise Opportunities for several years in a row, developed Mosquito Protection Barrier™ (MPB), a patent pending spray that rids properties of mosquitoes and builds a barrier around that property for a virtually mosquito-free environment. MPB includes FlexBlend, the industry’s only intelligent spray-blend technology. Mosquito Shield also offers a proprietary tick control service, Tick Shield™, and special event service Event Shield™.

To learn more about becoming a Mosquito Shield Franchisee, contact Franchise FastLane at 531-333-3278 or submit an inquiry To mosquitoshieldleads@franchisefastlane.com