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All, internet Announces It's Inaugural Website Launch

A brand-new German-learning website has launched and is taking the language learning world by storm.

A brand-new German-learning website has launched and is taking the language learning world by storm. Language has been all the rage since the conception of time itself with literally thousands of sites to learn romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. It was only a matter of time before people started searching outside of the romance language box. Following this trend, The Best Way to Learn German was forged with one goal in mind, to teach users German as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

When it comes to language, many consumers blindly buy products without knowing what exactly they are getting into. The Best Way to Learn German shows you exactly how to make the most of your language learning software so that you won't end up spending year after year struggling to get through even the most basic of German vocabulary.

What sets this site apart from other language learning websites is that they do not bombard the consumers with bulky vocabulary lists, words that are not often used, or heavy coursework. The foundation of this framework is powerful. Simplicity is the key.

“Language is so important for so many of us across the globe. Especially those of us who are working in the fields of technology, the humanities or even those in education, government or politics. The focus has always been on easier-to-learn languages such as Spanish or even Portuguese. That's why I created this website I wanted to prove to people that you can learn German and you can learn German quickly,” says Nadine Kreiser, creator of The Best Way to Learn German.

Despite being related to English, German is often touted as one of the most difficult languages to learn. Ranking next to the likings of Chinese and Bangladeshi. Kreiser has proven otherwise through her website on which you can view reviews from people who have used the site. A huge win for those who have always wanted to learn the language but did not know where to start.

The Best Way to Learn German can be supplemented with various downloadable softwares. Pimsleur, a top pick for millions across the globe, is available for $150 per level (there are four) and $450 for the entire course. Rosetta Stone, the perfect resource for visual learners, costs $229 per language package. Yabla, a German immersion course, costs $10 per month. Glossika, a well packaged kit that goes wherever your tablet goes, comes in at $80 for their eBook package and $96 for their pro package.

“If you can tie your shoes you can learn German,” Kreiser laughs.

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