AMG's Mark S. Berry Appointed Judge at This Years Global Short Film Awards.

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AMG's Mark S. Berry Appointed Judge at This Years Global Short Film Awards.

Canadian Indie film producer calls role an honour and a tremendous responsibility.

AMG's Chairman Mark S. Berry will bring his pedigree to bear on judging this year's crop of global short films which is due to be held in Cannes, France May 21st. Berry will participate in the committee that decides the 2016 Global Short Film Awards winner for the very first time. This year's Cannes Film Festival is the 69th edition with the GSF Awards Cannes Gala scheduled for May 21, 2016 at the world renowned Carlton Intercontinental Hotel."This is an absolute joy, an honour and a tremendous responsibility to participate in the jury of the most prestigious festival of global short films cinematography in the world, a festival that is held in a country where film has always been treated with interest and respect," said Berry. "As a kid from Brooklyn, I was always very moved when the films were presented at the Festival de Cannes along with the Cannes mystique. I am very happy with the selections this year and of the attentiveness and passion that went into the viewings from my fellow jurors. Along with my fellow jurors, I look forward to sharing the dreams created by some of the most gifted talents in contemporary short film cinema. And our goal will be to keep our windows open as wide as possible."Andres Aquino, Founder Global Short Film Awards & Festival Director is the founder of Couture Fashion Week, an award winner designer, poet, theater director, fashion photographer, entrepreneur as well as the GSFA producer. Global Short Film Awards recognize excellence in highly creative and imaginative films under 15 minutes long. These short films will be suitable to meet the increasing content demand for intelligent phones, digital and hand held devices as well as internet, commercial, art, science and educational applications. For the premier edition, finalists and a winner will be selected in 2-D and 3-D formats in each category.In a statement released by the film festival organizers, Aquino said he was very honoured to be working with the jury at this year's festival. "Global Short Film Awards is a global event on a huge scale and it is therefore imperative that the people judging the thousands of entries are representative of this. It's always exciting uniting exceptionally talented people from all corners of the world and watching them work together to set new precedents in the creative and film industries. It will be a pleasure to welcome Mark and his fellow jurors to Cannes in May" says Aquino.The 96th Cannes film festival takes place this year between 11th and 22nd of May.About Mark S. Berry & AMG:AMG is a leading Toronto-based entertainment & media company with an unparalleled client list of artists and content creators across film, television, music and digital media. Led by an experienced and innovative management team, AMG was formed in 1998 by international record producer, engineer & mixer Mark S. Berry and operates under his leadership as Chairman. Berry, whose extensive production, engineering & re-mixing talents has earned him 36 international gold & platinum records for such notable Grammy & Juno nominated musical icons as, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Yes, Boy George, Billy Idol, Kool & The Gang, Cameo, Carly Simon, Joan Jett & many, many more. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in NYC, LA, Hong Kong, Seoul & Beijing. Since its founding, AMG Visuals has executive produced, financed or distributed several movies, including Drake: Homecoming, James Brown Live and the upcoming Jeff Healey Band documentary; and has almost an equal amount in development, under production, or completed but not yet released. Through its partner companies, including award-winning global creative music supervision agency AttackTrax, AMG also provides clients with unique music advertising, music brand integration and marketing opportunities across traditional, social media, mobile, film, television and gaming platforms. Already the owner of an extensive music publishing catalogue in affiliation with BMG Music, AMG's mission is to target potential acquisitions in the music, film & television industries ranging from independent record labels, artists, writers, DVD, feature length films, extreme sports content to purchases in the music publishing sector. AMG's focus is music distribution through its deal with Universal Music Group Distribution, the insertions of music into international feature film & television, as well as the development of reality based and documentary television programming.About AttackTrax:AttackTrax is one of the world's leading providers of 100% pre-cleared production music in all media. AttackTrax is committed to quality and offers 10,000+ tracks of music in all genres from world renowned music publishing catalogues. Previous AttackTrax insertions have included Making of The Matrix Reloaded, Coach Carter, Urban Legend, Harvard Man, Dawsons Creek, Roswell, MTV, Viacom, VH1 and many more including major sports programs internationally. The website has been designed as a state-of-the-art, automated, online customer experience and decision engine that functions on all platforms and complements an already world-class AttackTrax brand.

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