38% of Marketers Are Missing out on Revenue via Transactional Emails

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38% of Marketers Are Missing out on Revenue via Transactional Emails

Mailjet launches new feature to help drive ROI through transactional emails

LONDON - February 25, 2016 - Research released today from leading European email provider, Mailjet , has revealed that almost two fifths (38%) of senior marketers aren’t generating revenue from transactional emails. The research coincides with the launch of a new feature within Mailjet’s Passport, an intuitive product that now enables marketing efforts and on-brand communication to be unified across all customer touchpoints: transactional as well as marketing emails.

On average, “open rates” for transactional emails are around 40%, compared with just 15% for marketing emails. Transactional emails are more highly read because, by their very nature, they normally contain information the recipient is expecting after taking action on the website or app, such as password reset or an order receipt. This increased interaction means there’s a huge potential for organisations to use them to generate further engagement and sales. However, the research released today, highlights that the majority of marketers still aren’t taking advantage of this untapped marketing channel. The research also reveals that, 20% of senior marketers have no grasp on whether their transactional emails are generating revenue. Further highlighting the need for organisations to embrace this untapped revenue stream and ensure email marketing efforts are integrated across the entire sales cycle.

Traditionally, transactional emails were created either by the technical team whilst implementing the email system or designed by the marketing team and passed to the tech team to be implemented. The former approach means lack of influence from marketing and brand team, while the latter option results in transactional emails remaining static for long periods, including lack of up-to-date branding, upsell promotions or other dynamic data to provide additional value to recipients or generate revenue for the sender.

The new feature within Mailjet’s Passport allows seamless creation of beautiful transactional email and provides the following flexibility to both marketers and email developers:

Marketers have the power to control the content included in transactional emails through Passport’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, enabling fully responsive emails to be designed in much shorter time
Simultaneously, developers can work on the same template and use the list of variables included in the email to seamlessly plug into their infrastructure
Marketers can then easily edit these emails, without needing developers or the IT team to lift a finger.


Camille Richon, Founder of Payfacile, comments: “We use Mailjet's templating language for all our transactional emails. The drag-and-drop email editor gives our marketing team an easy-to-use tool to continuously improve our email templates. It is much simpler, more powerful and has a higher deliverability rate than our previous in-house system.”

With Passport, Marketing and IT teams can now leverage a collaboration framework that helps manage what they are accountable for, such as design, wording and sales message for marketers and integration for IT. By enabling marketing teams to seamlessly edit and control the design of transactional emails, these emails will be able to focus on stay on-brand and include call to actions that will drive customer engagement.

As part of Mailjet’s transactional email suite, organisations now have access to a full range of tools to efficiently create transactional and marketing emails that generates revenue. This includes MJML , an open source markup language which cuts responsive coding complexity from emails, and Mailjet’s templating language implemented in the heart Passport, their intuitive drag-and-drop design tool.

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