editorial newspaper pen1   Press release validation & quality control process

  1. Newslify clients provide Newslify editorial team with a topic / news about their business.
  2. Newslify editorial team processes the news received, accept it or reject it.
  3. Newslify editorial team produces a press release with the client’s elements:
    • Textual elements
    • High Definition multimedia
    • Additional documents
    • Weblinks and social networks
    • Company’s spokespersons
  4. Newslify director of communication processes the press release. Accept it or reject it
  5. If the press release is accepted by Newslify director of communication, the editorial team checks for:
    • News accuracy
    • The information newsworthiness
    • The editorial quality of the press release
    • Contacts authenticity
    • Weblinks and social links validity
    • The quality of multimedia provided
    • If the press release passes quality control, it is then published on Newslify